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1 lb Vanilla Caramels
Our Price: $25.00

1 lb Salted Caramels
Our Price: $25.00

1 lb Variety Pack Caramels
Our Price: $25.50

Experience our flagship flavor! Made with Tahitian vanilla bean seeds so the caramels become luscious and smooth with pure vanilla flavor that shines through. Vanilla caramels - when you want to get back to basics. Silky and satisfying, our Salted caramels show that sweet and salty can be a match made in heaven.  Using Brazilian sea salt, these treats won't last long in your house.  One of our best sellers. When you just can't make up your mind, or you think that variety is the spice of life, our variety pack is for you.  Filled with the freshest caramels in at least three of our flavors, the variety pack is one of our most popular options when you need a gift for someone of impeccable taste.  Buttery, flavorful, creamy, silky, luxurious - the adjectives speak for themselves.
1 lb Coconut Caramels
Our Price: $26.00

1 lb Espresso Caramels
Our Price: $26.00

If you like the combination of salt and sweet, this mix of caramels is for you.  The Salted Variety Pack has three mouthwatering flavors to choose from. The package currently contains our traditional Salted Caramel, the ever popular Lime Salted and a Smoked Cayenne Salted caramel which pairs a hint of smokiness with a touch of heat to complement our Salted caramel. Soooo good. The Caribbean and Hawaii are calling your name with this luscious caramel.  Made with pure coconut and unsulphered, unsweetened coconut flakes, this little treat will truly "take you away" to someplace special. When coffee is your thing, there isn't anything better than our Espresso Caramels. Blending the buttery goodness of our classic caramels, we have added nothing else but pure Espresso in a balanced way to create the perfect beginning to your day or end to your meal. A little bit of luxury to your afternoon, we bring new meaning to the phrase Coffee Break. Create your Moment with an Espresso Caramel.
1 lb Dark Chocolate Caramels
Our Price: $26.00

A chocolate caramel that marries the deep, dark chocolate flavor with the smooth creaminess of Tahana caramel. Peanut Butter. Whether it takes you back to your childhood or simply satisfies that craving for creamy nutty goodness, our caramels will take you on your journey. Experience what using fresh ground peanuts with our local creams and butter does to your taste buds. With the slightest of texture (when you're using the real deal, it's never quite as smooth as the jarred version), Peanut Butter Caramels transports you away from the mundane. This isn't your standard peanut butter fare!